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Davin Hutchinson has played the piano since he was 14. He is influenced by his parents who are both musicians.

"I don't remember my parents watching T.V. growing up, we did not always have one. However, music constantly flowed through the house. My dad would pick up his guitar and just have fun or my mom would play cassettes of orchestras and practice music for church. Picking up an instrument just seemed like the natural thing."
Davin plays drums, bass, guitar (a little), brass, and a few others. However, his primary instrument is the piano.
Davin has lived in the Bahamas, Belize, Tennessee, California, and now Texas, learning musical languages along the way. He is well verse in pop, jazz, Caribbean, and choral music.  
Currently Davin is an associate student worship minister at First Baptist Dallas, a 13,000 member church in the heart of downtown. He also performs in the DFW with many groups, and is a contributor for Worship Leader Hangout, a music and tech YouTube channel with over 100,000 subscribers. 

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