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Piano Fundamentals 1 | First Lessons

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Piano Fundamentals One is an entry level course for beginning piano students. This course lays the groundwork for students to become proficient piano/keyboard players. The objective of this course is for students to know: major and minor chords, notes on the staff, note values, and how to read lead sheets. At the end of the course students will have a good understanding of basic music theory, and the ability to play songs with major chords and minor chords.

Fundamentals 1.1

Fundamentals 1.1

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Piano Fundamentals 2 | Step Up

Continue Mastering the Fundamentals in Course 2

This course is perfect for those who have finished Fundamentals 1, or those who know the piano but need a refresher course.


In this course we learn: 1. Major Scales 2. Basic Chord Progressions 3. Ear Training 4. Music Sight Reading 5. Songs